Primary Caregivers vs. Patients

Q: Someone recently asked me if I could be their primary caregiver, but I’m concerned about my own liabilities if I handle marijuana without a recommendation myself.  What do I need to do to protect myself if I decide to become a caregiver? A: The Compassionate Use Act, as … [Read more...]

California Medical Marijuana – Search and Seizure

Q: I have a valid medical California Medical Marijuana recommendation. I was driving in my car, and pulled over for a minor traffic violation.  But the police searched my entire car after claiming they smelled “bud” somewhere in the vehicle!  Can California law enforcement really … [Read more...]

Interplay of California State, County, and City Laws

Q: I belong to a Northern California collective, and I grow medical marijuana plants for the benefit of other patient members of the collective, but I can’t figure out which laws I have to comply with.  State law seems to say something different than my local county and city … [Read more...]

My Employer and California Medical Marijuana Use in The Work Place

Q: I have a California recommendation for medical cannabis, but I’m afraid that if I use marijuana, my employer may fire me for testing positive for THC while on the job.  Am I allowed to use marijuana on the job in California? A: There is no easy answer to this question, and … [Read more...]

California Medical Marijuana Collective, Cooperative or Non-Profit?

Q: I want to start a California medical marijuana dispensary and/or delivery service. What is the difference between a collective and a cooperative, or a non-profit? A: True California medical marijuana dispensaries, those which possess a physical location as a business … [Read more...]

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Carry in California?

Q: I just got a recommendation from my doctor for medical marijuana. But for some reason the recommendation doesn’t say how much I need, or much I can carry. What do I do? A: When your physician recommends the use of medical marijuana to treat an illness, he or she will issue … [Read more...]

Basics of Physicians California Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Q: I’m looking into the possibility of obtaining a recommendation from a doctor to use medical marijuana in California. How do I obtain one? What does a recommendation allow me to do? Does it have an expiration date? A: The cornerstone of California’s medical marijuana laws … [Read more...]


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