Recommendations to Amend Lake County Code Article 72

Lake County Board of Supervisors will meet tomorrow to discuss and consider the Medical Marijuana Ad Hoc Committee’s recommendations to amend Article 72 of the Lake County Code.  This issue is listed on the Agenda under item 8.8 and is scheduled to be heard around 10:15 a.m.  Any … [Read more...]

Court Challenge to Clearlake Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ban

Court challenge to Clearlake medical marijuana cultivation ban. A March 19, 2015 California NORML article discuses a California NORML supported lawsuit against a ban on medical marijuana cultivation enacted in Clearlake California. The case is being filed in Lake County Superior … [Read more...]

Clearlake California No Grow Marijuana Ordinance Pending

Clearlake California no grow marijuana ordinance pending. The Lake County community of Clearlake California's City Council approves the first reading of a no grow marijuana ordinance according to an article in the Record-Bee. If successful after a second reading of the proposed … [Read more...]

CA County Bans Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grows – NOT

The recent Huffington Post article headline “California County Bans Outdoor Medical Marijuana” was, in our opinion, misleading as all outdoor Cultivation of Medical Marijuana has not been banned in Lake County. On June 4, 2014, the Huffington Post ran an article by Matt Ferner … [Read more...]

Lake County Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Being Enforced

On August 8th, Community Development Director Richard Coel updated the Lake County Board of Supervisors as to the enforcement status of the Interim Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. According to an article in the Lake County Record Bee, Coel indicated that seven arrests … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Urgency Ordinance Adopted by Lake County Board of Supervisors

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Urgency Ordinance was passed by the Lake County Board of Supervisors after more than 5 hours of public input and approximately 1 ½ hours of closed debate. According to an article in the Lake County Record-Bee "The final numbers agreed upon by the … [Read more...]


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