Sonoma County Sets Strict Limits for Medical Cannabis Manufacturing

Cannabis ManufacturingRecently, Sonoma County released a draft land use ordinance and other documents that spell out a new medical cannabis manufacturing policy for the unincorporated areas of the county. Of major interest to many medical cannabis operators and entrepreneurs is the strict limitations placed on cannabis manufacturing in the county.

Here’s the Sonoma County Cannabis Manufacturing Draft Deal

  1. Cannabis manufacturing will only be permitted in industrial zones.
  2. Only nonvolatile cannabis manufacturing will be allowed Sonoma County – C02 is specifically allowed in the approved industrial zoning.
  3. Prohibited volatile solvents are defined to include butane, ether, isopropanol, ethanol, acetone, pentane, Hexanes, n-Heptane, and Naphtha.


(Reprinted with permission from Permit and Resource Management Department, County of Sonoma.)

Sonoma County Cannabis Permit Table

Of important note, this draft policy prohibits the well-established practice of ethanol extraction, even in Sonoma County cannabis manufacture industrial zones. Here is a link to the proposed allowed land use and permit requirements.

The MCRSA allows owners to hold up to two licenses, and cultivators are also permitted to hold a cannabis manufacturing license. However, Sonoma County’s draft ordinance would require cannabis cultivators to acquire industrial property to manufacture their products. Assuming a cultivator operates on agricultural land, the County’s policy would necessitate a transport license, which would be more than the two permitted state license types.

Sonoma County is taking public comments on these draft regulations through the end of October, so now is the time to speak up!  Our previous canna legal blog post contains information as to the calendar of upcoming public events as well as how to submit public comments.



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