Healdsburg (Sonoma County) Author Publishes New Book on Marijuana

Healdsburg (Sonoma County) Author Publishes New Book on Marijuana. A new book on marijuana in America by (Sonoma County) Healdsburg author Martin A. Lee, Smoke Signals, is being published today.

Marijuana Legalization Measures on Several State Ballots

The book arrives at a time of marijuana legalization measures on the ballot in several states and with the medical marijuana community feeling increased pressure from the federal government.

An Important Serious Minded Look at Marijuana

Historian Douglas Brinkley, in a news release about the book was quoted as saying “This is an important, serious-minded look at the role cannabis has played in American history,”  “It tackles the hard issues of marijuana prohibition with keen insight and righteous indignation.” “I agree with Lee’s central premise that our marijuana laws are draconian,” Brinkley said. “Every American should read this landmark book!”

Breakthroughs in Marijuana Research

Smoke Signals brings notice to some much unnoticed breakthroughs in marijuana research and in particular, the properties of a non-psychoactive component of marijuana; cannabidoil (CBD).  It is said that cannabidoil can protect the brain against alcohol poisoning, prevent the onset of diabetes, shrink malignant tumors and stimulate adult stem cell growth.

Mr. Lee will be featured as a speaker at Seattle Hempfest, Aug. 17-19.
You can take a look at the book’s Table of Contents.
Sample excerpts from Smoke Signals (pdf).
More information about Smoke Signals.


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