Marijuana Watershed Protection Act

marijuana watershed protection actThe Marijuana Watershed Protection Act Proposed by California Assemblyman Jim Wood is, according to an article in the Times-Standard, a way to seek “greener” pot for California. According to the article, Assembly Bill 243, as it is known, would “require indoor and outdoor medical marijuana cultivation to be conducted in accordance with state and local laws and best practices related to land conversion, grading, electricity usage, water usage, agricultural discharges, and similar matters.”

“This bill would require state agencies to address environmental impacts of medical marijuana cultivation and coordinate with cities and counties and their law enforcement agencies in enforcement efforts,” the bill’s brief language reads. “This bill would require each regional board to address discharges of waste resulting from medical marijuana cultivation and associated activities.”

According to this article from YubaNet, “Watersheds across the state are going dry for the first time in recorded history and habitats for endangered fish are evaporating. As California continues to endure an unprecedented drought, the Marijuana Watershed Protection Act will provide guidance and consistency to an industry that has historically been forced to operate without either.”

For further information or questions about the proposed Assembly Bill 243. Assemblymember Wood can be reached via his website.

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